About Worldwide Machinery Pipelines

Worldwide Machinery Pipelines rents pipeline construction equipment in the United States and around the world. Our strength lies in our ability to supply top of the line late-model equipment and deploy it rapidly to wherever our customer's project is located. Our headquarters on Interstate 10 just minutes from the Port of Houston is perfectly situated to move machines rapidly, and our multi-lingual staff is familiar with the documentation required to expedite international transport.

The backbone of any pipeline project is the fleet of pipelaying tractors, called “sidebooms.” We have the world's largest sideboom rental fleet, and we work hard to ensure that our sidebooms are in top condition and qualify for OSHA certification. In addition, our inventory includes a large quantity of late model Caterpillar equipment that is suitable for pipeline construction, as well as cranes, drilling machines and specialty pipeline equipment.

Worldwide Machinery Pipelines also sells pipeline construction equipment, either on a cash basis or under a rental-purchase option.

Spotlight on our customers

We have had a great deal of experience in supplying equipment for many types of pipeline projects. We have had equipment rental contracts with most of the major pipeline contractors in the United States. Our international customers include Techint (Argentina), Conduto (Brazil), Saipem (Italy), Spie Capag (France), Mannesmann (Germany), and ICA (Mexico). In addition, we are supplying equipment for our customers' ongoing projects of varying sizes in other locations throughout South America, the Former Soviet Union, the Middle East and Asia.

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2001 Caterpillar SP561M LGP Pipelayers
S/N 3CR01766
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Cat D5M LGP Dozer converted to hydraulic pipelayer